Advanced - Set ID Validation & Automate Tasks

This quick start guide shows how to set ID validation and automate task creation when your lead has viewed the file multiple times and is ready for the next step in your pipeline.

NOTE: For the purpose of this guide, ensure that you have at least 1 record (deal/contact/company) created and at least 1 file uploaded into the CloudFiles widget through this record.

Set Hard ID Validation

  • Go to the CloudFiles widget on your contact page and select Get Link from File Actions.
  • Click on security settings button in the Get Link Modal.
  • From the security settings modal, select Require login for access. 
  • This will automatically enable Hard ID validation.

Optional: Set an email ID or a domain in the additional text boxes below. Make sure you have access to this email since you will require it to view the document.

Create a workflow

  • Create a new workflow in HubSpot with the CLoudFiles: File Viewed Event. 
  • Set the view count properties such that this workflow triggers only when there have been at least 2 views of this file.
  • Add a task creation action such that a task is created in the contact for which the workflow triggered.
  • Review & enable the workflow

Access your file

  • Copy the link of your file from the Get Link Modal.
  • Open the browser in incognito mode (or open another browser in which you are not logged in your HubSpot account)
  • Press ctrl-v to paste the url in the browser's address bar and press enter
  • CloudFiles viewer should open and will ask you to login through various options
  • Either login through one of the options or provide an email for manual verification.
  • Once you have logged in / verified email, you will be able to see the file.
  • View the file for some time. Then close the incognito window. Re-open the Incognito window and access the file again. to simulate multiple views.

Check Analytics

  • Come back to yourHubSpot account and go to the CloudFiles widget.
  • In file actions, select Analytics. This will open the Analytics Modal.
  • You should now see page-by-page analytics of your document for all the sessions along with the email used to view the document.
  • You can drill down by clicking on the list items below the graph. This will show analytics of each of the sessions.

Check Contact Creation / Updation & Workflow Trigger

  • Depending on the email ID used to access the file, either a new contact will be created or an existing contact will be updated in your HubSpot contacts.
  • Go to the contact which has this specific email ID
  • Ensure that CloudFiles is allowed to post on timeline (see image below)
  • You should see the file viewed timeline post on your timeline
  • The File Viewed event is posted both to this contact and the original record that you had used to upload the file.
  • Your workflow will also be triggered. You should see a new task created in your contact which viewed the file.
NOTE: the workflow will trigger after a certain time of viewing the file. This may be anywhere between 1-5 minutes.A clear indication that the workflow is about to trigger is the CloudFiles Timeline post shown below.

That's it. You now know most of the features of CloudFiles. If you would like to explore more, you can refer to our feature tutorials.