CloudFiles Community

Learn to use the CloudFiles community effectively

CloudFiles community, is the place where you will find information about our product roadmap for the upcoming months. It is a community driven place, where anyone can come in and pour ideas, request features and simply have a discussion on secure file sharing.

The objectives of the CloudFiles community are:

1. Showcase CloudFiles' upcoming features.

2. Provide regular product updates.

3. Connect with CloudFiles' developers.

4. Feature Requests portal for customers.

The CloudFiles Community is divided into 4 sections, let's check them out.

CloudFiles Community Roadmap

The first section is the Roadmap

In the roadmap section you can view all the features planned by CloudFiles to be launched in the upcoming months. You can upvote on ideas that you like and steer fast-tracking of certain file sharing features that you cannot imagine to live without.

The second section is Ideas

This is where you can voice new ideas relating to external secure file sharing with the team and get traction on it from the CloudFiles community. Our team is super responsive to suggestions and open to custom sought features to improve your team's productivity through seamless file sharing experience. 

The third section is Updates

Here you will find Bi-weekly updates on what the CloudFiles developer team has done. Be sure to bookmark this page for very important updates from the team.

The fourth Section is Feedback

CloudFiles is always open to customer feedbacks on everything related to CloudFiles. Simply fill in the details in the feedback form and get fast, prompt response from the team.