CloudFiles Datarooms in Hubspot

Learn to create and share datarooms in Hubspot using CloudFiles' HubSpot integration

A Dataroom is a secure storage space for your files. You can add multiple files in CloudFiles’ Dataroom and share secure links of your files only with the people you want to share. So that can share many files with one link. 

Alongside this you can assemble your files into “Groups” while also requesting files at the same

CloudFiles lets you create Datarooms in Hubspot, if you have connected it’s hubspot integration from Hubspot’s Marketplace.

To Create a Dataroom in Hubspot using CloudFiles, Check out the following steps:

Step 1

Firstly you must upload a file into the CloudFiles’ content library. This can be done by selecting the add button on the CloudFiles Widget in company/contact/record or deal. Check article on How to add files to Content library to learn about it in brief.

Step 2

Ensure that all the files you want to upload to your Dataroom are uploaded in the CloudFiles Content library.

Step 3

Now, in the CloudFiles content library in the Add button in the CloudFiles widget, select “Datarooms”. In the next screen choose “New Dataroom”, give the new dataroom a name.

New dataroom creation

Step 4

Select Files and Folders under Add your content and select the the relevant files and folders. Next choose Add to Dataroom button. Your shareable dataroom link is now created.

Add files to dataroom in Hubspot


Grouping: If you want your files and folders to be grouped under certain categories., first Create Groups under add content and follow the above steps to add files and folders to it.

To Share a Dataroom in Hubspot using CloudFiles, follow the upcoming steps:

Step 1

Find the dataroom that you just created in the CloudFiles widget.
Find your dataroom

Step 2

Select actions, and choose Get Link.
Get link button

Step 3

Set the link settings as required.
    1. Expiry - To make the link disabled after a certain number of views or a certain time
    2. Security - To set a password to access the link or add content gating via email requirement.
    3. Notifications - To set the frequency of notifications on File viewed events.

Link Settings


Now you can share this link in any email or add to a contact.