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Learn the different aspects available in CloudFiles Help Center

The Help Center is the central repository on How to use CloudFiles, to make your life easier by streamlining your file sharing process. It contains all information to help anyone get started and use CloudFiles to it’s full extent.

CloudFiles is very simple to use yet packed with powerful business features and we hope you get acquainted with it’s terminology to securely share your files.


Our Help Center is divided into 6 main sections, we’ll be discussing about them in brief here:

Help Center

  1. Getting Started

    This section contains the guides with sufficient information to just get you started into using CloudFiles. It contains very basic information if you’re using CloudFiles independently, or via Salesforce or Hubspot.
  2. Features

    This section is the holy grail of all the features inside CloudFiles. It is further divided into files, folders, Datarooms, Sharing, Security, Analytics, Accessibility, and Enterprise features.
  3. Integrations

    Here you will find information if you want to powerfully use the CloudFiles integrations in Hubspot OR Salesforce. If you get acquainted with this section, you would never have to come outside your native CRM to utilize the powerful business file sharing features of CloudFiles.
  4. Use Cases

    In this part we keep on adding use cases based on our customer interactions. Check it out and you will definitely find solution to the points that were creating trouble for you.
  5. Admin

    This section deals with features that pertain to company software admins that want to set up CloudFiles systems seamlessly for their workforce. It contains topics related to licenses, user controls, role assignments etc.
  6. Troubleshooting

    Here we update the most common issues that could require troubleshooting or general doubts that our users have.

If you need assistance with any issue troubling you or your team. Feel free to contact us on OR simply chat with us.

CloudFiles Product RoadMap

CloudFiles Community: This is the CloudFiles Community, where our teams show our upcoming features and the ones under development. If you have a certain issue pertaining to sharing of files , just put it here and we will be sure to include it in our roadmap.