Connect Own AWS S3 Storage with CloudFiles

Find the detailed steps to connect your company's own AWS S3 Storage with CloudFiles on your own.

CloudFiles users have multiple file upload sources for their CloudFiles Content Library. They can upload files via their desktop or one of the Cloud-Based Drives - Google Drive, One Drive, Share Point, Box, Dropbox, and Even HubSpot.

It must be noted that the files uploaded from these sources will get stored on the CloudFiles’ AWS servers located in US East (N. Virginia)

However, there may be instances where you would want to store files in your own AWS servers such as:

  1. Data Regulations
  2. You already are using AWS for other storage services

To connect your AWS S3 Storage Servers with CloudFiles follow the upcoming steps:

  1. Sign in to your CloudFiles Account, with Administrative Rights
  2. Go to the Integrations Section from the Settings Button on the top right corner.
  3. Here, select the AWS S3 Storage option.
    Selecting AWS S3 connect in CloudFiles
  4. In this screen, you will have to fill out various details about your AWS S3 Storage Server. If you have those details handy fill it up and select connect and you will be done.
    Options in AWS S3 Storage

However, if you do not have those details you will need to follow the upcoming steps

  1. Select “Help me set up AWS S3” right next to the connect button then choose your region.
    Help me Set up AWS S3
  2. Select Create button under the “Create an IAM user using CloudFormation”. This will open the sign-in page for Amazon AWS.
  3. Sign in to your AWS account. Inside the Quick create Stack option, check the box for AWS CloudFormation at the bottom of the screen and choose Create Stack.
    CloudFormation Check box in AWS
  4. This will create all the necessary resources to connect your S3 with CloudFiles. It might take a few minutes to complete the stack creation.
  5. Once it shows “CREATE_COMPLETE” status under your stack, you can go to Outputs Tab to grab all the keys and IDs.
    Final Screen on AWS with Keys and IDs
  6. Next, copy all the Amazon AWS S3 details into the CloudFiles “Setup S3 and IAM user” dialog box and select connect.
  7. Now, your AWS S3 Storage server will be connected to your CloudFiles Account.

If you face any difficulty in this process, contact us at or Chat here.