Connecting external storage through Cloud Copy

CloudFiles is made with convenience and reliability in mind. Administrators want to better serve their files to their clients but with minimal changes in their current processes. Although many services offer higher reliability, it comes at a high switching cost that is difficult to pay for large organizations. CloudFiles can create a mirror copy of your files in any storage of your choice.


The Cloud Copy feature needs to be configured by an administrator through the CloudFiles Admin Page. As shown below, navigate to the CloudFiles Admin page and go to the “Setup” tab. In the External Storage section, Click on Add Storage. On the next screen you can select a cloud storage of your choice where your account is maintained. CloudFiles provides a number of options such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, HubSpot.

Once you have successfully connected the storage, the External Storage section of the Cloud Copy Tab will update to show the storage name and date. At the same time, a “CloudFiles” folder will be created in your connected storage.


Now that the cloud copy feature has been configured, all files uploaded into the CloudFiles widget in HubSpot, will be mirrored onto the external storage. To see this in action, simply upload a new file from your HubSpot account using the CloudFiles widget. Go to the CloudFiles folder in your external storage. You should now see a hierarchy and your file placed appropriately inside that hierarchy.



You can also re-configure the storage to point to another cloud option any time. CloudFiles provides history of all your connections and the number of files uploaded into those storages. This history can be accessed from the History section of the Cloud Copy Tab on the Admin Page.


Here's a short demo