Contacting CloudFiles

Learn about the different modes of communication to connect with the people behind CloudFiles.

The CloudFiles Team is super responsive to all customer queries and we are always just a message away.

Good Reasons to contact us:

1. Get Discounts on yearly licenses

2. Discuss your use case

3. Simple Tech Support

4. API Integrations with your software

5. White-labelling

6. Custom File sharing requirements

To connect with us:

  1. Email us at
  2. Chat with us here
  3. Join the CloudFiles Community here

In the CloudFiles community we are open to feature suggestions from anyone relating to anything about file sharing.

If you feel like collaborating on a video call with us,

Book a meeting here

Siddharth Garg (Sid) : CloudFiles Book a call
Linkedin: Siddharth Garg