Creating Automations with File Viewed Event

The CloudFiles “File Viewed” event is a powerful construct that can integrate with your HubSpot timeline, workflows and lists to create streamlined processes. You can use this event and trigger workflows based on view count, file name, time spent and more…

Auto-Lead Creation / Updation

When you enable soft / hard-gating on your document (as covered in previous tutorial), an email is required to access the document. Based on this email, CloudFiles either creates a new contact or updates an existing contact. Thus, you can auto-qualify your leads based on file views.

Posting on Timeline

CloudFiles automatically posts on your record’s timeline whenever the file is viewed. You can get details such as total views and time spent on the file right from the timeline. You can also click the “View detailed analytics” button to open full analytics for this file.

Creating Workflows

You can trigger your workflows in various ways based on properties of the File Viewed event. This may include the name of the file being viewed, the number of views that have happened, the total time that has been spent etc… This has been illustrated in the image below.


Working with lists

You can also use the File Viewed event to filter contact lists. The filtering can be configured based on event properties, same as workflows. This can be combined with Active List updation in HubSpot to create a smooth pipeline.

Here's a short demo