Differences between Business & Enterprise License in CloudFiles

Guide to help your team choose the appropriate license for your secure file sharing needs from CloudFiles.

CloudFiles offers three tiered licenses for it’s services viz. Free, Business, Enterprise. It’s paid subscriptions are the Business and Enterprise licenses. You can find a list of all features and availability in different tiers on our pricing page. We keep this updated when new features are released.

The Business license is suitable for teams that need advanced features of CloudFiles and detailed analytics.

The Enterprise license is suitable for teams that need custom features and white labeling .

The Enterprise License has more features compared to the Business license and the added benefits provided by Enterprise License are:

  1. Custom Branding: You can have your own logo in the CloudFiles viewer of your links. This provides an added visibility to your Brand.
  2. Custom domain : You can personalize your domain name in the links that you share with your recipients. This can provide an added level of trust to your recipients.
  3. API Access : The API access can enable your teams to develop your tech stack to automate document workflows with enhanced file sharing capabilities. To discuss what components of the API will suit to requirements, feel free to contact us in the chat box or mail us at support@cloudfiles.io
  4. Analytics : Detailed analytics includes email, geographic information, number of views / email, session information, view time and downloads. After the limit of 100 views per link is reached on the Business license, the data will keep on collecting but you will have to upgrade from Business license to Enterprise license so as to view or export it. The Enterprise license provides unlimited access to analytics.

Here’s an article to help you get jump started on buying and assigning CloudFiles licenses. https://help.cloudfiles.io/how-to-buy-and-assign-cloudfiles-licenses