Download, Move & Delete Files

Learn to perform basic manipulation tasks of download, delete and move files in CloudFiles content library.

Downloading, Moving & Deleting Files are the basic manipulation tasks that can be performed on a file in the CloudFiles Content Library.

To perform the above manipulations you must have your files uploaded on the CloudFiles Content Library.

Get started with uploading your first file with this help article here. How to upload files into CloudFiles

Download a File

Simply go to the ellipsis button on the right. Here choose “Download”, your file will get downloaded in your browser’s default download location.

Download a file

Move a File

Move function in the CloudFiles Content Library allows you to move your file across different existing folders or into the home directory of the content library.

To move a file, select the move option in the ellipsis button on the right and select the folder where you want the file to be moved.

Move a File

Delete a File

Deleting a File in the CloudFiles content library removes the file from the CloudFiles database. Also any links shared will become defunct and show a “file not found error.”

To delete a file, select the delete option in the ellipsis button on the right and choose OK.

Delete a File