Drawing Insights from Detailed Analytics

CloudFiles converts the file into a PDF and renders it for the client when the link is accessed. It can track pdf opens, number of views, download, total time spent on the file and time spent on every page. Moreover, this information is organized, summarized & presented in a way that makes tracking content performance easy.

Views & Downloads

CloudFiles' document tracking can log the number of views and track file downloads for every filuploaded by the user as shown below. These are updated whenever a client views the file.

If you would like to see these in action yourself -

  • Upload a file into the CloudFiles widget
  • Get the link to that file
  • View the file in incognito mode. You can also open multiple incognito windows to simulate multiple views.

NOTE: If you view the file without incognito mode, CloudFiles may not register the view since the viewer is smart enough to know that it is the uploader who is viewing the file
  • Download the file a few times. 
    • CloudFiles' will track pdf downloads only when you view the file again (refresh the incognito window)
  • Go back to HubSpot account and refresh the page
  • The widget and the modal should now show the correct number of views & downloads

Page-By-Page Analytics

CloudFiles tracks the time spent on every page of the pdf / file by the user. This page-by-page analytics can be seen as a column chart on top of the Analytics Modal. This is shown in the illustration below.

By default, the modal shows the total time spent by every user in all their sessions. However, you can drill this down further and draw some great insights. The next section talks about this.

Analytics Drilling

CloudFiles provides a comprehensive report of document tracking that can be sliced to get insights through its Analytics session hierarchy. Each view is treated as a single session. The same client may view the file multiple times, creating multiple sessions.

CloudFiles detects, consolidates and presents this information in an easy to understand way. As shown below, by default the analytics modal shows the total time spent and time spent by all users in all their sessions, viewing the file. If you click on one of the tiles, you can get the sessions of the particular user. The modal now shows total time spent by this particular user on the tracked file. You can further click on one of these tiles to get per-session information. The modal will show the time spent in one particular session by this user.

Here's a short demo