Drill down analytics

Learn to drill down to specifics of a viewer session in CloudFiles analytics

Apart from secure file sharing, the best part of CloudFiles is it’s deep page by page analytics. Whether you in sales or marketing you need analytics to make sure that your goals are met with systemic processes.

On an overall level, you get detailed analytics on your CloudFiles links. Before we get started with drilled down analytics, we recommend you to check out our guide on understanding CloudFiles analytics here, https://help.cloudfiles.io/understanding-cloudfiles-analytics-section

To drill down into specifics of a session on a link, follow the upcoming steps

  1. Go to the link in the CloudFiles content library and choose Go to analytics.
    Going to analytics of a link
  2. In the analytics screen, you will find views from different sources with their respective number of sessions.
  3. To learn more about any specific viewer, simply click on the viewer and the page will show session wise activity details of that particular viewer. 
    1. Here you fill find information regarding number of sessions, total downloads, individual session time and total time spent on your CloudFiles link.
      analytics of a session
  4. If you click on any session, you will find the time spent on that session as well as the information whether that file was downloaded or not.

Broadly speaking, your links can be of two types: Gated (E-mail required for access) or ungated

For gated links, all the view sessions will be associated to a particular user in the analytics of the link if they enter the same email id in every session. If the recipient enters a different email id during another session on a different browser or device, it will create a separate session.

For ungated links, the view sessions will be captured in different sessions unless the recipient only opens the CloudFiles link in the same device and browser.