How to enable custom whitelabelling on your account?

CloudFiles allows you to completely white-label the document viewer with your company logo and custom domain. This article talks about how this can be done.

In order to white-label your CloudFiles Document Viewer, you first need to purchase Enterprise license. You can refer to the article to check how to purchase and assign licenses.

Once you have purchased enterprise licenses, follow the steps below to enable white-labelling -

CNAME Mapping for custom domain - 

  1. Go to your DNS provider where DNS is purchased from.
  2. Open the DNS settings
  3. Create a new record with type CNAME
  4. For that record, host = the subdomain name you want. This can be anything that you like, for example - docs, files etc.
  5. For value, add
  6. For TTL select 5 minutes. Your new sub-domain will become accessible after this much time.

Once the CNAME Mapping is done, send us an email on with the URL that you'd like to use. For example -

We will complete the settings on our side within 15-20 mins after which white-labelling will be enabled on your account.