How to create links for your files uploaded into the CloudFiles content library

Create URL links that can be tracked for files uploaded into your CloudFiles content library.

CloudFiles allows you to create multiple URLs for your documents and files uploaded into the CloudFiles server for file sharing. The file sharing URLs can have an expiration date. This link building campaign could help in your marketing campaigns and sales outreach and CloudFiles helps in making file to link upload process simpler.

Follow the upcoming steps to seamlessly create URL links for your documents.

Step 1 .

Login to your Account & Navigate to the content library. Go to the Content Library, by directly signing into the CloudFiles 

Sign into Cloudfiles account

Step 2 .

Upload files into your CloudFiles content library

Step 3 .

Click on any uploaded file, on the next screen you will see a create link button at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it. Next, enter a name for your URL to be able to track the URL seamlessly and then select create.

Click on create link

Step 4 .

Set the expiry parameters for your URL by entering the date and number of views. For additional control of your URLs set the security parameters of Auto-download, Protect with a password and Require email as per your requirement. You can now share URL with your recipients.

Set expiry parameters

Step 5 . 

To create another URL for the same file, access the same file again through the content library and repeat the above steps. This will let you set different links for the same document for different customers.

Click on Multiple Links