How to organize digital files online in folder hierarchy using CloudFiles' Content Library?

In this article we show how deep folder creation, renaming & moving features provide a powerful way to organize digital files online using CloudFiles

You can easily organize all your uploaded files & folders online, using the CloudFiles' content library (online files storage). CloudFiles allows deep folder hierarchy. This combined with the ability to easily move files across the library makes it easy to organize large number of digital files.

Given below is a quick overview of these features -

Creating Folders

As shown in the image below, you can create folders (or upload folders online) using the "Create Folder" button on top right of the library. You can also create folders within folders to further refine your organization. This deep folder hierarchy provides an opportunity to neatly organize digital documents.

Creating & uploading online folders in the CloudFiles content library

Renaming Folders

You can also rename the folders after creation as shown in the image below. Simply click on the 3 dots icon and choose rename. A dialog box opens up where you can type the new name of the file.

Renaming files and online folders in CloudFiles' online files storage

Moving Files

Finally, you can move files across the online file storage using the 3 dots icon on the file. This is shown below. You can then select the new folder to which you want to move this file. Thus you may not only organize but constantly re-organize your digital files as per your requirement.

Moving files from one folder to another in the CloudFiles' content library