How to preview file links using the CloudFiles' content library?

Preview your file links before securely sharing & tracking them with clients using the CloudFiles content library

The CloudFiles content library is your personal space to keep your files secured and share them with your connections. In the content library, you can upload your files, create deep folder hierarchy, get file previews, see the content creator, total views on your files etc... To keep your files secured, you can set email authentication on them.


Steps to Preview files using Content Library -

Step 1. Open the content library

Login to your CloudFiles account and click on Library > All Files tab as shown below. In this screen you will see all your files in the CloudFiles server. You can sort the files by Name and created on date.

Step 2. Preview using the content library

On the right side of each file, the hamburger button will show you the option to preview your file. The files compatible with your browser will directly show up in your browser on a new tab, when preview is selected. The files incompatible with your browser will get auto-downloaded by your browser and you can preview them in the software of your choice.

preview the file before securely sharing & tracking it using the CloudFiles content library

Step 3. Preview using the file screen

Additionally, if you click on any file in the content library, you can see the multiple urls created for your file along with the separate file views for each url.

It is to be noted that the files viewed in the preview mode will not increase the view count of your file.

preview the file before securely sharing & tracking it using the file information screen