How to quickly search for folders, documents or links in CloudFiles?

CloudFiles provides a powerful way to search through files, links and folders in the content library. This makes navigating your online file storage easier.

CloudFiles' content library is powered by a powerful search that can be used to quickly and easily locate folders, documents as well as links in your online file storage. The search is intelligent enough to show and act upon these different results. The unification method used behind this makes it even easier to navigate around the content library.

The GIF below shows searching in action. You can also read the detailed instructions given below.


To use the search functionality, follow the 3 steps below -

Step 1. Open Search Console

In order to invoke the search screen, click on the search icon in the content library. This has been shown below. Once you click on the button, the search screen will open.

Click Search icon to start searching for online files, folders and trackable file links

Step 2. Type text to search

Now that the search box is open, you can start typing your query to search through your online document store. The results will automatically update as you type your query further.

Type query in the search bar to search for online files, folders and trackable file links in the content library

Step 3. Select the desired result

Once your result is shown is the list, you can click on the specific list item to go to it. The different items are differentiated using the tile icons.

If you click on a folder result, you will be redirected to the folder. If you click on the file result, the links screen for the file will open. Clicking on a link result opens the link settings. You can differentiate between these results using the tile icon as shown in the image below.

Select desired result to go to your searched item. E.g. clicking on link will take you to the document link settings screen