How to track webpage visits & link clicks using CloudFiles' URL import feature?

Track URLs and link clicks by importing any URL into CloudFiles content library. This article shows how to import URLs & track link clicks in CloudFiles.

CloudFiles allows you to track URLs & link clicks on your blogs / articles along with your shared documents, so now you can track your entire digital real estate from one place.

In this article we show how to import a link in CloudFiles content library and then convert it to a secure & trackable CloudFiles link through which you can track website visits.

Step 1: Import a link

In the Upload dialog, click on the URL tab. Here, you have to enter the url of the your webpage and give any custom name to it. Next click on Upload.

Import any link into CloudFiles to track link clicks and other webpage activity

Step 2: Creating a custom url

Now, you can create multiple CloudFiles' URLs for your webpage. Click on Create Link, and fill the name for your custom url. You can track clicks and website visits on each of these links, thus making all your digital assets trackable.

Create multiple CloudFiles links for your webpage to track link clicks

Step 3: Configure link settings

You can set a number of security settings on your created links and start tracking link clicks and website visits using the various link settings provided by CloudFiles. Here's a small set of features.

You can collect leads and authorize your URLs using CloudFiles link tracking

  1. Online/ Offline status of the url: Clicking this button allows you to set the status of the link. If the status is Online your recipients will be able to see the link. In the offline status, the recipient will see a File Not Found page
  2. Set an expiry date for your url, based on a date or number of views: Setting the link expiry will leave you worry free from manually setting the file status later as offline.
  3. Set email authentication requirement: Here setting the email authentication will improve the security of your file and ensure that your file can be seen only by your authorized recipients. To set it, simply enter the email ids that you wish to share your links with.