How to use CloudFiles content library inside HubSpot?

CloudFiles is a great tool to manage documents inside HubSpot. Create HubSpot content library, manage files and enhance HubSpot Documents

The content library is your gateway to uploading documents on HubSpot directly using CloudFiles. It provides a seamless way to upload files on HubSpot, so that you can enable file analytics on those shared documents. This provides a great alternative to the HubSpot's Documents tool.


Accessing the Content Library in HubSpot

There are multiple ways to access the content library in HubSpot. You can access it using any of your records including contact / company / deal / ticket

In order to navigate to the CloudFiles content library, first go to

  • Contacts → Contacts
  • Contacts → Companies
  • Sales → Deals
  • Service → Tickets

Then you can click on any record. Locate the CloudFiles widget on the right side of the screen. Click on the "Add File" button to open the documents library inside HubSpot. Check the GIF below -

Open CloudFiles content library from HubSpot using any of the contact / company / deal / ticket records.


The major actions that you can perform in the content Library are:

  1. Upload Files into HubSpot using multiple sources
  2. Replace Files in HubSpot
  3. Search Files
  4. Move Files across folders

Upload files into HubSpot

To upload any type of file into HubSpot, click on the Upload Document option at the top right hand corner. Here, you will find multiple source options to upload your files including local storage / Dropbox / Google Drive / Box.

Upload any type of file into HubSpot ad enable security and tracking on it by converting it to a link

Replace files without changing the link

The gif below shows how to replace documents while preserving links in HubSpot. You can refer below for more detailed instructions -

Replace documents in HubSpot while preserving the same link using the CloudFiles content library

Step 1. Open Content Library

Go to Content library from contact / company / deal / ticket, after logging into your HubSpot Account.

Step 2. Locate & Replace the File

At the bottom right hand corner, you will see your uploaded file. Click on the file name, it will take you to CloudFiles page. At the top right corner, choose the replace file option. Here you can upload a new file using multiple options.

Step 3. Preview & Check

Refresh the page and wait for the file to get processed. You recipients will immediately start seeing the new file at the old link.


Search Files

You can search for documents, links or folders right from HubSpot using the search functionality of the content library. You will find the search icon at the top of the content library as shown in the image below. You can enter your file / link / folder name and the results will be displayed.

Search documents, file links or folders in the HubSpot content library using the CloudFiles search bar

Move Files across folders

The actions button pops up when you hover your mouse over an uploaded file. Inside the action button, the move option allows you to organize your digital files across created folders. You can create new folders from the top right corner. Deep folder hierarchy is one of key missing features in HubSpot Documents tool.

Move files across folders and organize content better using deep folder hierarchy in the HubSpot content library