Types of Files supported on CloudFiles

Learn how CloudFiles supports all file types so you can upload anything & share it using a powerful link

CloudFiles allows its users to upload any type of file. This means literally any format in the world can be uploaded into the content library and viewed online through a secure and trackable CloudFiles links. You will receive valuable insights on engagement of your content which can help you in pivoting your digital strategy.

The app mainly differentiates between 2 types of files -

1. Renderable Files (Viewing Files Online)

These are files that can be rendered and viewed in the browser. E.g. consider a word document. If you upload a. ".doc" file into the content library, CloudFiles will generate a link to that file. On opening that link, you will be able to view the word file online, inside the browser itself and can scroll and read through.

Renderable files are supported for images, videos, readable files (docs, PDFs), slides etc... CloudFiles' proprietary viewer can be used to view these files.

If you find a file format that should be renderable in the browser but is not supported by CloudFiles, reach out to us on support@cloudfilesapp.co and we will add support soon.

View files online including docx, pdf, slides & other type of renderable files using CloudFiles

2. Non-renderable Files (Track File Downloads)

These are non readable files for which "viewing online in a browser" does not make much sense. This can include an exe or a zip file. CloudFiles directly downloads this file onto the viewer's system and tracks the file download. Thus, you can still upload any type of file into the library and track analytics.

If you find your file type is not supported on CloudFiles and simply chat with us here.

Learn how non renderable files like zip files or other files can be sent via CloudFiles.

To get an idea about the analytics you receive on your files, check out our analytics section.  

We're always open to hear about what you liked in the app or just general suggestions. You can chat with us here