How to collect email address of users accessing your documents using Hard Content Gating?

Learn how to gate content and collect lead information using CloudFiles' Hard Content Gating feature.

Business need to share files securely from the tons of sensitive documents they posses and collect viewer information. Lead collection is one of the email campaign best practices. CloudFiles is an integration first tool that helps you with ensuring the security of your files remains intact. The Hard ID feature in CloudFiles, ensures that only users that have been authorized can view your documents and your business can use the email ID entry by them as a purchase intention indicator.

Hard ID authentication is recommended for your personalized email campaigns.

To set Hard ID on your links follow the following steps:

Step 1.

Login to your Account & Navigate to the content library. Go to the Content Library by directly signing into CloudFiles.

Sign into CloudFiles account

Step 2.

Click on any file in the content library to access the link settings.

Click on file in content library to access link settings

Step 3.

Enable the Require email option in the security settings.

Click on Require email option to get leads e-mail addresses

Step 4.

Check the box at the Enforce email verification setting.

enforce email verification to activate HARD ID feature

Step 5.

Enter the email ids you wish to authorize in the Allow list. After an email otp verification, your users can access the file. Adding the domain name will allow all users with that email extension to view your files.

allow list to whitelist email address you authorize

CloudFiles will give you details of every email id that has been used to open your link and the related file analytics. This content gating strategy is a must have for marketers generating leads from their content. Your CRM would provide the email campaign success metrics, CloudFiles will help in evaluating prospects with deeper insights.