How to disable downloads of your files shared using CloudFiles?

Disable download of files shared with recipients using links while still keeping the file status as Live.

CloudFiles is an Integration first document sharing tool that helps you retain control of your files even after it is shared with your document recipients. Businesses have many files that they want to share with their clients but do not wish to allow them to share files with others. CloudFiles helps your business maintain the document integrity.

To prevent recipients from downloading your documents you must disable the download option for the URL from your content library. When this is done, the download option that is normally seen in the CloudFiles document viewer, will not be available to the recipients and they would only be able to view the document in the browser.

To disable downloads for your files on the CloudFiles, follow the following steps:

Step 1.

Login to your Account & Navigate to the content library. Go to the Content Library by directly signing into CloudFiles.

Sign into Cloudfiles account

Step 2.

Click on the file you wish to disable downloads for your recipients.

Click on create link

Step 3.

In the link settings, click on the allow download button and make it grey to disable it.

Click on download to disable

Step 4.

This will remove the download button in the CloudFiles document viewer and your recipient will not be able to download the file.

After download enable-1

After download disable

Step 5.

To allow downloading again, click again on the allow download button and enable it.

Click on download to enable


  1. Files not renderable by browsers (eg. ZIP files) will get downloaded automatically. They will also not have the option of disabling downloads in the link settings.
  2. To enhance the control over your files, we recommend you to enable password protection, which can be done in the link settings.