How to increase security of your documents by setting Access control to your links using Allow List and Block list?

Add an extra layer of passive security over your email list by using access control in CloudFiles.

CloudFiles is an Integration first document sharing tool that helps you retain control of your files even after it is shared with your document recipients.

Email authentication is a great way to ensure that your files reach the right hands. With email authentication you can create a list of email ids, that can or cannot access your documents. Along with this you can also block access to email ids from a specific domain for eg. you can block every user using domain from accessing your documents.

To create access control for your files using email authentication, follow the following steps:

Step 1.

  1. Login to your Account & Navigate to the content library. Go to the Content Library by directly signing into CloudFiles.

Sign into Cloudfiles account-1

Step 2

Click on the file for which you wish to create a access/ block list of email ids.

Click on file to set status of link

Step 3

In the link settings of the requisite link, click on the Require email option. This will open up the settings for access control. Here, enable the enforce email verification option.
enforce email verification

Step 4.

Allow list: Enter the email ids you wish to allow to view your files.

Block list: Enter the email ids you wish to not allow to view your files.

You can additionally enter a domain id and allow/block all users using that specific domain from accessing your documents.

allow list


To disable the email authentication feature, simply disable the Require email in the Link settings.

Thus by adding a list of email ids to the allow or block list you get a passive control over your documents.