How to set and change the status of a link to make it Online or Offline?

Using status change feature, gain more control of your shared files instantly.

CloudFiles is an Integration first document sharing tool that helps you maintain control of your files even after it is shared with your document recipients. The status feature will give you powers to instantly disable access to your shared links from your recipients by changing Online link status to an Offline link status.

To change the status of the links of your docs, you must navigate to that option from your content library. When this is done, your file will instantly change its status as per the chosen option.

To change the Online/ Offline status for your files on the CloudFiles server, follow the following steps:

Step 1.

Login to your Account & Navigate to the content library. Go to the Content Library by directly signing into CloudFiles
Sign into Cloudfiles account

Step 2.

First click on the file you want to change the status. Then click the click, you wish to change the 

Click on file to set expiry

Step 3.

In the link settings, click on the status of the file. This will alternate the setting of your links between being Online or Offline.

Alternate the status of the link

Step 4.

If the status is Online, your recipients will be able to view the document. If the status is Offline, your recipients will not be able to view the document and they will only see a "file not found" page.

File not found