How to set expiry limits on your file links using CloudFiles?

Disable links using CloudFiles to restrict access on your docs uploaded in the CloudFiles content library

Documents uploaded in CloudFiles content library can be set to offline status by deactivating link when required to disable access to users who have your document's secured URL links. However, it becomes cumbersome to track each URL and change its status to remove access later.

CloudFiles allows you to set an expiry setting on the files you upload into your CloudFiles content library. Even your files uploaded from dropbox/box/google drive/one drive can have link expiry settings.

To set the expiry limit to deactivate links on your docs follow the steps

STEP 1 .

Login to your Account & Navigate to the content library. Go to the Content Library, by directly signing into the CloudFiles

Sign into Cloudfiles account

STEP 2 . 

Click on the file you wish to restrict file access by deactivating link.

Click on file to set expiry

STEP 3 . 

Click on the URL you wish set an expiry limit. In the link settings page, you will find the expire link generator in the Expiry option.

Set expiry parameters-1

STEP 4 .

In the Expiry option you can set the expiry based on date or number of views. Set the expiry parameters as per your requirement. It is to be noted that when lower of the two limits is reached, it will disable your URL and your URL recipients will see an error page when they try to access your URL.

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