Creating & configuring multiple links for a single document

In this article, we will cover the multi-link generation feature of CloudFiles and how it can help you better segment your analytics

With CloudFiles, you can create multiple links for your files. This has various use-cases such as maintaining a single file with different security settings that can be shared with different types of clients, segmenting analytics based on users / channels etc...

In order to create and configure multiple links, follow the steps below -

Step 1: Locate the file

Links are associated with uploaded files. In order to create a link, you first need to locate the file and go to link management screen for that file. You can do this by simply clicking on the file name as shown below.


Step 2: Create a Link

Now that you have the file open in the content library, you can simply create a link by clicking on the "Create Link" button on the top right. You will be asked to name your link after which it will show up on the screen as shown below.


Step 3: Configure the Link

Now that your link has been created, you can update link settings just like any other link. To do this, click on the link name. This will open the link settings modal. The settings of one link of the file are exclusive of other links. I.e. changing security of one link has no offect on other links of the file.



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