File Storage Limits on CloudFiles

Learn the various limits on file storage in the CloudFiles content library.

  1. Storage Plans on free/business/enterprise license in CloudFiles

    Plan Type Total Storage  Limit Per File
    Free Plan  1 GB 100 MB
    Business Plan 20 GB 2 GB
    Enterprise Plan 50 GB 5 GB
  2. For any additional Use, we forward the charges as taken by AWS to your account.

    You can check the cost here : AWS cost calculator
  3. If you already posses an AWS account, we can connect it to your CloudFiles account. Just contact us on

    You can check this help article to know the requirements.

    Connect your AWS storage to CloudFiles

Upcoming Feature: Mirrored Cloud Storage

In this feature, you can connect your existing Cloud Drives such as Google Drive, box, One Drive, Dropbox and get your files mirrored directly in the CloudFiles content library. However, it would still require you to adhere to CloudFiles Storage Limits.

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