How to Automate Processes with CloudFiles?

CloudFiles can be used to automate your processes based on file views, downloads, time spent and more... The CloudFiles' File Viewed event is a powerful construct that lets you supercharge your sales.

Lead Qualification Using CloudFiles

CloudFiles allows you to auto-qualify your leads based on file views. You can upload a file, enable soft-gating and share the link in the wild. When your prospects access the file, they will be asked for an email ID. Based on this email, either a new contact will be created or an old contact will be updated. Thus, anytime someone accesses your file, the HubSpot contact list gets automatically updated.

This step-by-step guide explains the process.

Filtering Contact Lists Based on File Views

You can easily filter your HubSpot Contact lists based on who viewed the file. In order to do this, just upload a file, enable soft-validation and share the link in the wild. When your prospects view the file and enter their email ID, a file viewed event will be fired on that particular contact. You can use this event to dynamically filter your contact lists. 

Triggering Workflows Based on File Events

The same File Viewed event as mentioned above can be used to trigger HubSpot workflows. Simply add the trigger as the CloudFiles event. 

You can read our article to learn more about the File Viewed event and how to use it.