How to buy CloudFiles Licenses?

Follow these steps to purchase CloudFiles licenses to yourself and your team.

In order to purchase & assign CloudFiles licenses, you need login to your CloudFiles admin account, locate the billing page, choose the plan and number of seats and enter payment information in Stripe. Once your payment has been processed, your licenses would appear in the team section of CloudFiles app. You can invite team members and assign licenses from this page.

Check out detailed steps and screenshots below -

Step 1: Login to CloudFiles as Admin

For non-HubSpot users: Login to CloudFiles App with your admin account.

For HubSpot users: You can directly go to CloudFiles App from your HubSpot account as shown below. Locate the CloudFiles widget in any of the contact / company / deal record.

Step 2: Go to billing

Go to the billing section from the settings option in the left

Step 3: Choose your plan

Choose a plan between Business and Enterprise and choose the number of licenses. You can then select a yearly plan to get 20% off over the monthly prices.

Step 4: Select the number of seats

Choose the number of licenses you'd like to purchase by clicking on the '+' button as highlighted in the image.

Step 5: Enter Credentials in Stripe

Enter your payment credentials and select submit. 

We recommend Enterprise customers to connect to us to know about any on going discounts or offers to better suit their requirements. 

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