How to Create a Content Library With CloudFiles?

You can upload a number of file formats into CloudFiles and manage and organize them into folders. CloudFiles also makes possible instant library migration and library mirrorring onto a secondary storage using the Cloud Copy feature.

Uploading Files

CloudFiles access a number of file formats including doc, docx, epub, eml, htm, html, md, msg, odp, ods, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, rtf, tif, tiff, xls, xlsm, xlsx. We are constantly adding new formats. We will soon be adding support for pictures, videos and more...

You can import your files from Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox or your own local or hosted storage. 

If you would like to learn more about Uploading Files, check out this tutorial.

Managing Content

This feature is coming soon as part of our independent web-app release. To get release date and stay up-to-date on this feature, you can checkout our website or just write to us.

Library Migration

To know more about Library Migration, get in touch with us.

Library Mirrorring (Cloud Copy)

Cloud Copy adds reliability and ease of access by creating and maintaining a mirror of your CloudFiles storage into another Cloud Storage of your choice. Options include Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox & on-premise storage.

Click here to learn more about Cloud Copy