How to quickly see best performing pages using CloudFiles thumbnails

Learn how to understand how the different pages of your documents are gaining viewership

CloudFiles is a secure file sharing and analytics web app that helps you understand your audience by providing page by page analytics. The entire data from analytics can be seen in the analytics dashboard. It will show you the total views, unique views, downloads etc.

Sometimes the data regarding the total viewed time of the document is not enough for businesses to pivot their content strategy. This is when the page by page analytics comes into picture. It will help your business decide which part of the content should command more time and detailing.

To quickly see the best performing pages on your document you can do it in the analytics dashboard.

Follow the steps to checkout CloudFiles thumbnails:

Step 1

Login to your Account & Navigate to the content library. Go to the Content Library by directly signing into CloudFiles.
Sign into Cloudfiles account-1

Step 2

Access the analytics section, by selecting the analytics option on the left and select the link whose analytics you wish to explore.
analytics section button

Step 3

On the right section of the screen is the page vs time graph. The y axis is the time spent on a page and the x axis is the page number. Thus, bigger the bar length of a page, more time was spent on that page.

analytics dashboard in Cloudfiles

If you hover your mouse on any page number, you would get a quick preview of that page. This is beneficial when you are going through the analytics and want a quick glimpse of what that page is all about.