How to track file downloads using CloudFiles?

Get acquainted with how much traction your file is generating through downloads.

If you're marketing professional, you have a ton of informational content on your website or in your downloadable assets in your marketing campaigns and you would want to track engagement on these assets - like how many times your files are being downloaded? These digital assets work as a great lead generation tool. With CloudFiles you can track your downloads and make sense about how your content is doing in the digital real estate.

To track your downloads follow the steps:

Step 1

Ensure that you have a file shared via CloudFiles secure share link. Check this out to get you jumpstarted : How to share files via CloudFiles?

Step 2

Access the link from the content library and go to its analytics section.
Access analytics section of a link

Step 3

Here you will see the total downloads of your file

Downloads of a file

Note: If you are seeing zero downloads, it could be because you have disabled downloads in the security settings of the link or may not have shared the links on the right channels, which should prompt you to recreate your content sharing policy.

Additionally, if you have shared your files by using the CloudFiles Folder Sharing feature, you can track the downloads of your folder too.