How to track time against a specific account without content gating using CloudFiles?

Procedure to get user insights on your documents without content gating.

Content gating is the bread and butter of digital marketing personnel. It acts as an excellent lead generation tool for marketing purposes. However, content gating also creates friction for low interested people to access your content and they turn somewhere else for information. So, if you would want to increase the general traffic to your website you could keep the content freely accessible when you don't get the email IDs. Even in this scenario you can gather valuable insights on your content. This can be information like how much time every instance spends on your content or whether they like the content so much that they download your file.

To track time of engagement against a specific account follow the steps:

  1. Ensure that you have a file shared via CloudFiles secure share link. Check this out to get you jumpstarted : How to share files via CloudFiles?
    Make sure your content does not have a email requirement in the security settings. 
  2. Access the desired link from the content library and go to its analytics section.
    Access analytics section of a link
  3. Click on any instance of the file view log. Here you will see the number of downloads and the total time spent on the file.
    analytics of a link

That's how you view the engagement against a specific account without content gating. This information can also be used to get demographic user behavior to gain insights on what time could you run special marketing campaigns on your website.