How to track user engagement using CloudFiles analytics?

Learn to track activity of a user for a particular document shared via CloudFiles secure link.

CloudFiles is an all in one tool for all your Business Document sharing needs. It provides file level user engagement data so that your business can up it's content strategy and sell better. The viewed event in CloudFiles can be used to automate workflows in your native CRM so that you do not have to conduct simple repetitive tasks.

If on an occasion you want to track a certain user's engagement on your document follow the steps:

Step 1

Make sure you have shared the CloudFiles link with the user. To create a CloudFiles Link check out this help article : How to create a link for your file in CloudFiles.

Step 2

Ensure that you have created a gated security link ( a link that requires users to enter their email id before viewing the document). Check out this help article on How to create a soft gated content.

Step 3 

Go the analytics section and select the link on which you wish to investigate the user engagement.

Analytics dashboard in CloudFiles

Step 4 

Select the user whose activity you wish to analyze. This will open the analytics for the user and show the following metrics:
    1. Number of Sessions
    2. Total Downloads
    3. Total Time spent
    4. File viewed on

User level data in analytics dashboasrd

Using this information you can build confidence in yourself about the user's interest level in your product and plan your secondary pitch accordingly.