How to track webpage analytics using CloudFiles URL upload?

CloudFiles enables getting webpage analytics as well just like file analytics. It does so by treating a webpage URL as a single page file and providing all the analytics applicable to file links, on this webpage link as well. This powerful feature enables you to really consolidate your content in a single trackable library. Along with your file content like case-studies, proposals, you can also add your online digital content such as blog pages and enable secure sharing, analytics and automations on those.


Tracking Webpage Analytics Using CloudFiles


Here is a step-by-step guide to track analytics on webpages using CloudFiles


Step 1: Click on the upload button and open the upload modal. This modal lets you upload files in various formats from a variety of sources including Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and local storage.


Step 2: Go to the URL tab. You can create links out of web URLs through this tab.


Step 3: Enter the URL you intend to track and enter a name (any name) for that URL. Click on the upload button to load that URL into CloudFiles.

Note: Always use "https" URLs. Http URLs don't support time tracking through CloudFiles


Step 4: Get the link of the newly created file in CloudFiles' content library and share it with the world. You can track analytics and automate your workflows just like any other file in the library.