How to track webpage engagement using CloudFiles analytics

Learn to get access to all information pertaining to your content including webpage analytics at the same place in CloudFiles.

CloudFiles is an excellent content engagement analytics tool that allows you to convert your documents into easily sharable links that can be tracked with a detailed page by page analytics. CloudFiles can also be used to track the engagement your webpage receives from it’s audiences. Normally, website builders and other tools are only able to provide aggregate data on your webpage. However, with CloudFiles webpage analytics you can track individual recipients as well as get segmented analytics from different inbound sources.

To get access to webpage analytics, follow the steps:

Step 1.

Login to your Account & Navigate to the content library. Go to the Content Library by directly signing into the CloudFiles.

Sign into Cloudfiles account-1

Step 2.

Now, click on upload option. Here, enter the url of your webpage to be tracked. Give it a name for easy tracking later. In the next screen enter a name for your link(s).

Create a link for a url

Step 3.

Your link is now created. Enter the security and expiry settings as per your needs.

security and expiry settings for a link

This link can now be shared on your different channels. You will be able to discover the activity your content webpage generates on different channels, which can be used to optimize your content creation and promotion strategy.

It’s analytics can be viewed by going to the analytics section of the url. Check this article out to learn how to view analytics.