How to use CloudFiles Data Rooms

Learn how to send sensitive information via email through CloudFiles Data rooms for multiple documents using a single link

CloudFiles is a secure file sharing and analytics SaaS application for business purposes. Now you can use CloudFiles Data Rooms to share multiple files at once using one single link. You can import your files from multiple sources including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box or your local storage. The CloudFiles Data Rooms mirrors your documents from the CloudFiles content library so that whenever the original document is modified, your documents in the CloudFiles Data Rooms also get changed instantly.

This virtual Data Rooms is useful for sharing Sales proposals, Marketing Collateral, Raising Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions etc. Basically you need CloudFiles Data Rooms whenever you have a ton of confidential information to be shared with selective recipients. It acts as a Customer Portal where you can manage and organize your files neatly.

The features available in CloudFiles Data Rooms are:

  1. Create Data Rooms
  2. File/Folder Upload
  3. File/Folder link sharing with security
  4. File/Folder analytics

Follow the steps to use CloudFiles Data Rooms

A. Create a Data Room

Step 1

Login to your CloudFiles account. Go the the Data Rooms section and then choose New Data Room.
Sign into Cloudfiles account-1

Step 2

Enter the data room name and select create Data Room.

Create a Data Room

B. File/Folder Upload

Step 1

Go an existing Data Room, select Add Files and Folders to Data Room.

Here, you would be shown all the files and folders in your CloudFiles content library. Simply choose the files and folders you need in the data rooms and select add to Data Room.

Upload a file in Data Room

Step 2

To add files and folders to your CloudFiles content library, check this help article: How to add files to CloudFiles Content Library.

C. File/Folder link sharing with security

Step 1

Now that you have files and folders added to your CloudFiles Data Rooms, click on create link and name the link.

Create link in data rooms

Step 2

Add the security, expiry and status settings. Your link is now created and can be shared. This will ensure confidential information protection.

Security Settings in Data Rooms

D. File/Folder analytics

Step 1

Click on the link created in the Data Room. Select Go to analytics option at the top right end.
Analytics Section in CloudFiles Data Rooms

Step 2

Here you will find all the analytics related to your Data Room. To understand the file analytics metrics in brief check out this help article.


If you have any further queries or custom requirement for Customer Portals feel free to contact us.