HubSpot Basics: Installation, Upload & Share

In this article, we discuss how to install CloudFiles in HubSpot, upload your first file and get a shareable link. 

Step 1: Install

Since CloudFiles is a HubSpot app, it must be installed from the CloudFiles’ HubSpot listing by the HubSpot Administrator. Follow these steps to install (screenshots below)

  • Go to Cloudfiles’s listing page on HubSpot Marketplace
  • Click the “Connect” button on top right of the page (or click on this connect link)
  • This will open up the HubSpot Login Page.
  • Login with you HubSpot Administrator account
  • Following page will be shown. Click the “Connect App” button
  • CloudFiles is now installed in your HubSpot account for all users

Step 2: Upload

CloudFiles widget appears on the Company, Contact & Deal page. Sign in to your HubSpot and create a new record or go to an existing one. On the right side panel, locate the Files widget as shown below. 


To upload a file, simply click the Upload button in the widget. This opens the Upload modal. Here you can import files from variety of sources. For the purpose of this tutorial, just upload any file from your local storage as shown below. Once the file is uploaded, close the modal. Your file should now appear in the widget.

Step 3: Generate & Share Link

Now that the file is uploaded, getting the link is as easy as it can get. Select the “Get Link” option from the File actions. This opens the Link Settings modal. You can configure your link anytime from this modal and it immediately takes effect. To copy the link, simply click the copy button as shown below. Your link is now copied and you can paste it anywhere and start accessing your file.

For more steps on tracking & automations, visit the Getting Started for HubSpot users article.