Installing CloudFiles in Salesforce

In this article we cover the required and optional steps to setup the CloudFiles integration with your Salesforce account

CloudFiles is a highly customizable & deeply integrated file sharing solution for Salesforce users. You can get started with it within a few minutes and additionally also do additional customizations to further your goals.

In this article we talk about the following steps to install & setup the app

  • Installing from Marketplace - This is a mandatory step that takes 10-20 seconds to complete
  • Adding LWC component - This is a mandatory step that takes 1 - 2 minutes to complete
  • Setup CloudFiles' Custom Objects - This is a optional step
  • Update CloudFiles account defaults - This is an optional step
  • Invite users explicitly - This is an optional step


[REQUIRED] Installing from Marketplace

Follow the 4 steps below to install CloudFiles in your Salesforce account (production or sandbox)

  1. Log into Salesforce as a Salesforce Admin.
  2. Go to the CloudFiles listing on the Salesforce App Exchange, and click on Get It Now
  3. Follow the prompts to install either in production or in a sandbox.
  4. At separate points during the installation, the installer prompts you to:
    • accept and Approve Third-Party Access for remote settings.
    • Grant access to all users.
    • Click Next or Continue in other screens to complete the installation.

Great. Now that we have the initial installation out of the way, we can start adding CloudFiles components into your Salesforce objects.

[REQUIRED] Add CloudFiles' LWC

Follow the X steps below to add CloudFiles' lightweight component onto your Salesforce Objects

  1. Go to the page where you'd like to add the CloudFiles widget
  2. Click on Edit Page button
  3. Add a new custom tab and name it as per your requirement
  4. Drag and drop the CloudFiles widget LWC onto your new tab
  5. Click Save and Activate


That's it! With this we have CloudFiles ready to use in your account. You can check out the getting started guide to start using the app. Additionally, you can also further customize your account using the optional setup steps below.

[OPTIONAL] Adding CloudFiles' Custom Objects

CloudFiles provides a number of custom objects so that you can see all your file data at one place and also run flows & code on these. The following custom objects are provided -

  • Attachments - This object shows all the files that have been attached to Salesforce objects in your account.
  • Links - This object shows all the links that have been created in your account
  • Views - This object shows details on all the views & analytics that your files have collected till now.

In order to add these objects to your views, follow the steps below -

  • Click on the NavBar Personalization icon in top right

Screenshot 2022-04-18 155535

  • Click on add more items and select the All Tab
  • Search for the desired custom object. This can either be link, attachment or view.

Screenshot 2022-04-18 155637

  • Select the item and click the add button at the bottom

[OPTIONAL] Set CloudFiles' Account Defaults

In addition to doing Salesforce configurations, you may also want to update some default settings in the CloudFiles account so that the users in your account get a consistent and streamlined experience.

These settings may include setting up your domain or sub-domain, adding your logo, setting default login options, setting user permissions etc...

All such settings can be configured through the CloudFiles' settings page. Follow the steps below -

  • Go to your CloudFiles dashboard ( Login with your Salesforce account
  • Click on Settings Page on the top right.
  • You can update various settings using the Account, Team, Integrtion & Billing page.
  • If you have specific questions on some settings or are unable to figure out hwo to do something, chat with us.

[OPTIONAL] Invite users explicitly

While the app becomes available for all your Salesforce users after the first 2 steps, you can also explicitly trigger an invite email to get the team to start using the app faster.

To invite users, follow the steps below -

Invite User

  • Go to your CloudFiles dashboard ( You can also do this by clicking on so and so hyperlink from your salesforce object.
  • Click on settings icon on the top and then go to the Team page.
  • Click on Invite button on the right and enter the email of the users you'd like to invite
  • An invite email with a link to signup will be sent. Moreover, when the users sign-up, an email with important resources and steps would be automatically sent to the user,

You can also refer to our detailed guide to invite users.

That's pretty much it. If you have questions on further customizations by using the Apex API or the flow triggers & templates, contact us.