My PDF is not rendering correctly on CloudFiles viewer

This article talks about resolving rendering issues when your uploaded PDF or file does not look the same when you access the CloudFiles link

Sometimes files uploaded to CloudFiles, especially PDFs or PPTs that have sophisticated design elements or foreign characters, may not render well. While we are constantly upgrading our viewer and rendering process, if this issue still happens to you, here's what you can try for a quick fix.

  1. Go to and upload you PDF. The tool converts all pages to JPGs and will download a zip file on your system.
  2. Extract ZIP images into a folder on your computer.
  3. Go to and upload all the extracted images. Make sure they are in order of the pages.
  4. Click the combined button at bottom to get your PDF back.
  5. Upload this PDF into CloudFiles, generate a link and try accessing it. 

We'd love for you to report any such issues to us on chat (bottom right) or at