Basics - Upload, Access & Track your first file in CloudFiles webapp

Now that you have registered on CloudFiles, you can start using it to import and track your content. In this article we quickly cover 2 things - How to import content and how to track it.

To start using CloudFIles, you will need to import some files into the app. These files will show up in the CloudFIles' content library. You can then create and configure links for these files and set various security settings. These links can be shared with clients and accessed through any browser or any device. All engagement on these links is tracked and shown in CloudFiles.

The sequence of GIFs below show the 4 basic steps of CloudFiles -

1. Uploading a File

Click the Upload button in the Content Library.  You can import files from local storage, cloud storages such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox etc... You can also track and gate a URL including direct downloads links.


2. Creating a Link

Once you file has been uploaded, you can now create and configure links for your files. You can set security and download settings before sharing the link. 


3. Accessing a Link

Now that your file is uploaded and link is cofigured, open that link in a browser window. You will be sharing this link with your clients. When you access the link, this is exactly what your clients will see.


4. Tracking the Link

You can view tracking data for your links from the CloudFiles analytics dashboard. You can also drill down into individual users and sessions through this screen.


That's it. You now know all the basics of CloudFiles. If you have questions about any of these steps, reach out to us as