Replace Files in HubSpot

Understand what the CloudFiles Replace Files feature does in HubSpot and How to use it


CloudFiles is an integration first webapp to seamlessly share files using secure links on emails, messages or other digital media with clients, potential leads or to host content. The CloudFiles Integration with HubSpot allows you to use all the features of CloudFiles without ever leaving your HubSpot account. 

What Does CloudFiles Replace Files Feature Do?

Many a times, there are last minute changes or new updates to be incorporated into your content, However the content links have already been shared with a number of recipients. In such cases it is recommended to use the CloudFiles Replace File feature to replace your files while retaining the functionality of the shared CloudFiles links. This feature does not affect your HubSpot Workflows and just updates the content.

How to Replace Files using CloudFiles Replace feature directly on HubSpot?

Step 1.

Sign in your HubSpot Account and go to Documents. 

There are multiple ways to access the content library in HubSpot. You can access it using any of your records including contact / company / deal / ticket

In order to navigate to the CloudFiles content library, first go to

  • Contacts → Contacts
  • Contacts → Companies
  • Sales → Deals
  • Service → Tickets

Then you can click on any record. Locate the CloudFiles widget on the right side of the screen. 

Step 2.

Go to the uploaded file you wish to replace. 

If you need help in uploading your first file on HubSpot using CloudFiles Content Library check out this help article:

Step 3.

Click on the actions button and choose replace option. Now Choose the new file to be uploaded. It can be chosen from the files existing in your CloudFiles content library or you could Choose a file from your local computer.

Replace Files in HubSpot

Step 4.

Change the security settings of the Link if required and Voila your file has now been replaced.

Upcoming Feature

Replacing files can be tricky at times as you loose track of the version history of the file. The Version Control feature is Coming Soon.

Sign up at CloudFiles to get notified when this feature become live.