Sharing File Links Easily Through CloudFiles

CloudFiles provides a number of features that enable easy & insightful sharing of files with clients. In this article we provide an overview of all the link sharing features provided by CloudFiles.

CloudFiles is a simple, secure, file sharing & tracking app. Since converting files to links and sharing those links form a significant part of the app, there are a number of features through which users can easily create and share links for the files.

Here is a list of link sharing features by CloudFiles

  • Link Creation - Upload variety of files and easily convert to links
  • Multiple Links - Create multiple links to segment analytics & maintain file consistency
  • Link Personalization - Collecting personalized analytics without gating content
  • Browser Extension - Easily access & copy shared file links anywhere in browser

These features have been covered in some detail below with links for more information.

Link Creation

The most basic use-case for anyone needing to share a file online is the ability to convert those files into links. CloudFiles allows users to upload a variety of file types from a number of different sources. Users can then easily create and share links to these files through the CloudFiles Content Library. The image below shows the process of creating links.

Multiple Links

Sometimes you may need to create multiple links for your files. This can include cases where you need to share the same file on multiple channels or with multiple users and want to track analytics separately. This may also be the case if you are trying to maintain a single file version. With cloudfiles, you can create multiple links to your files and manage them individually in the content library.

Browser Extension

CloudFiles also provides a browser extension that enables the user to quickly access their shared links anywhere in the browser. You can install and launch the browser extension with an easy keyboard shortcut and navigate around without ever needing to click anywhere. The CloudFiles' browser extension provides a 0-click process for inserting trackable files in your message.

Link Personalization

With CloudFiles, you can also, easily personalize your links so that your users do not have to enter their emails and you still get personalized analytics. This is especially useful for marketers blasting out email campaigns or sales reps using templates to send out their emails. This feature enables you to collect personalized analytics without gating your content.