Understanding CloudFiles Analytics Section

Brief introduction on the metrics available on the data analytics section of CloudFiles

The CloudFiles analytics section is your gateway to understand how your document is doing after sharing it and helps you pin point the most desirable section and most ignored part of your documents.

The metrics in the CloudFiles analytics section are:

  1. Total Views

  2. Unique Views


  4. Total Time

Data analytics screen of CloudFiles secure file sharing and analytics

Descriptions of the metrics in Brief:

  1. Total Views : Total Views shows the total number of views, including multiple views by the same contact. So every time a view session takes place on your document, the total views counter increases by 1.

  2. Unique Views : Unique views are those views accessed through different email/device but counted once. When the document is viewed for the first time on a device it's count would increase.

    1. If the document is opened again using the same email/device, the unique views would not increase.
    2. If the document is opened using a different email/device, the unique view would increase.

 This is useful in tracking the misuse of your document by unlawful sharing.

 3.   Downloads : This tracks the total number of times your document has been downloaded

4.    Total Time : This is the aggregate of all the individual "time spent" on your document.

Notes : 

When you open the analytics section of any link, you get the aggregate views number.

If you click on any email account in the analytics section you will get the views (both total & Unique Views) only from that account.