Viewing links using CloudFiles Viewer

Understand everything there is to know about the CloudFiles Viewer here.


CloudFiles provides a platform to share files securely for businesses. It’s one part of the equation to create and share your files; the other part is viewing the file from a customer’s perspective. Your file takes a finite space on the screen at any particular instance, it’s important for you to optimize this digital real estate. You have to ensure that given the limited attention span of consumers your content transfers the key ideas to the consumers in the best possible way.

It is recommended that you tailor your content to your target consumer persona. The viewer experience must also be studied in detail.

Below content explains in brief about the CloudFiles viewer :

  1. Preview Mode : In this mode you can preview your file without affecting the data analytics of your file link. It has a “Preview Mode” message on the top. The Preview mode does not have the dark theme in it’s viewer.

    To access the preview mode go to the link from the requisite file in the content library.

    Preview Mode in CloudFiles
  2. CloudFiles Viewer Mode: This mode can be accessed via link generated for your file. This view can be accessed by anyone if you have not put up any security settings on your link. If you have set up security settings on your link, only the people mentioned in the allow list will be allowed to view your file.

  3. File View Analytics: CloudFiles provides multiple data points of your file to get a view of the viewer engagement of your file and helps you in maintaining complete ownership of your file.

    To understand the analytics provided by CloudFiles, check out this help article:

    File analytics in CloudFiles

  4. Chat Mode in File Viewer: If you are using HubSpot, your viewers can connect to you directly from the CloudFiles File viewer to chat with you. This reduces the friction experienced by businesses in receiving feedback from customers. To set it up contact CloudFiles by mailing us at


Reasons why your Viewer may not be showing your file:

A. Not Found Error.

File Not Found

CloudFiles security features prevent unauthorized users from accessing to your files. If anyone is accessing a link without proper access rights they will be shown “Not Found” message on the viewer.

Other reasons why a viewer will get the “Not Found” Error are:

  1. File status is set as Offline
  2. The File has reached it’s viewing expiry limit

B. This document is password protected

     Enter the correct Password to view the file in this case

C. The person trying to view the file does not have viewing access because their email was not mentioned in the allow list or their email was entered in the block list.

To understand the CloudFiles security settings in detail, Check out this help article.

How to add password protection to CloudFiles Links

CloudFiles Viewer also allows for Custom Branding.

A few benefits of Custom Viewer Branding:

1. Boosted Visibility of their Brand

2. Improved Brand Recall 

3. Strengthen the loyalty of their customers 

To upgrade to CloudFiles Enterprise version, contact us on