Working with multiple CloudFiles Accounts

Learn to work with multiple CloudFiles accounts

CloudFiles is built for being the external file sharing service for your entire team. However, with a greater number of files and team size, comes difficulty in managing everything seamlessly. Hence, file organization on your part becomes very important.

Let us first get acquainted with the different terminologies for CloudFiles users

  1. User: A user is anyone who has signed up to CloudFiles.
  2. Admin: A user who has the administrative rights to a CloudFiles account.
  3. Account: An account in the context of CloudFiles can consist of multiple users and admins.
  4. License: A license grants authority to use the features available in that plan to a user.

To summarize the above definitions in the same context we can say that, A CloudFiles account will consist of one or more users and admin(s). The license for these users can be purchased by any admin account. Also, a user can be a part of multiple accounts.

So, if you have multiple CloudFiles accounts, to work with different accounts you have to simply :


Sign in to CloudFiles using your email ID.
Sign into Cloudfiles account-1

Step 2

Choose the account you wish to work with on the next screen.

Choosing from multiple accounts

If you are already signed into a CloudFiles Account and wish to switch to another account, you have to sign out from the particular CloudFiles account and follow the steps mentioned above.

Admin Feature : Changing the name of your CloudFiles account

Step 1

Sign in to the CloudFiles account where you are the Admin.

Step 2

Go to Settings and then choose account, select Edit and update the name of your CloudFiles account.
Updating account name