How to replace files while preserving the same link?

Replace files such as PDFs, images, PPTs & docs while preserving the same link using CloudFiles' online content library.

In this article we cover how to replace files using the CloudFiles content library. You can replace your file content without needing to replace the existing links using CloudFiles. This is suitable for when you need to make a minor update in a file that has already been shared with the client or when you need static links for files that you want to permanently share but still be able to update file versions.

E.g. minor revisions in proposals, e-books, contracts etc... You can replace pdfs, ppts, docs or any other type of files that you have uploaded into the content library using this feature.

Here is a short GIF showing file replace in action. You can also refer to the detailed steps given after the image.

Replace files while preserving the same link using CloudFiles' online content library


Follow the 3 steps below to replace files in the content library -

Step 1. Open Content Library

Go to the Content Library. You can do this either by logging in HubSpot or directly signing into the CloudFiles app.

open content library to replace the content of the file. E.g. you can replace a pdf with a new one while retaining the same link

Step 2. Locate & Replace the File

Locate the file you want to replace. You can search through the library. Click on the file name to open the link management screen for the file. Click on Replace File button. Upload a new file. Although the file name will remain the same, the content of the file will be replace. You can ensure this in the next step.

Locate the file, e.g. the pdf or the word doc that your had uploaded to CloudFiles using the Content library

Step 3. Preview & Check

Preview the file to ensure that the new file has been uploaded. Your customers will immediately start seeing the new file even on the older links that you had shared earlier with them. Thus you can manage externally shared documents easily without having to re-send the file over and over again to the customers.

Note that sometimes it may take a while for the file to get processed. Refresh the preview screen if you see a similar message while previewing the file.

You can preview the replaced file to ensure that the content has been replaced. Thus you wont have to send the same proposals or e-books to your customers repeatedly