How to add password protection to CloudFiles links?

Learn How to protect files with password using password protect feature on CloudFiles.

In this day and age it is crucial for businesses to secure their sensitive documents while also distributing them effectively and seamlessly.

CloudFiles is an Integration first document sharing tool that helps you retain control of your files even after it is shared with your document recipients. It's security features enables businesses to protect their files from prying eyes.

When enabled, your files can only be viewed by people having the secret password.

To enable password protection for your links follow the steps:

Step 1

  1. Login to your Account & Navigate to the content library. Go to the Content Library by directly signing into CloudFiles.

Sign into Cloudfiles account-1

Step 2

Click on the respective link of the file you wish to protect with a password.

Click on link of file to password protect

Step 3

In the security settings simply select the protect with a password setting. Enter the password you wish to protect your link with and choose save.

Password protect link in CloudFiles


This password protect setting can be revoked by simply deselecting the protect with a password setting.

Password protect feature is a good way for everyone to ensure that their files stay protected. It is one of the means through which CloudFiles ensures access control of your files and blocks access to unauthorized users.